Simply amazing how she handles the cock

It truly is, some would say that it’s really easy to be a porn star all you have to do is get fucked and suck a few pricks. You would be surprised that it is a lot more than just that, it is actually very complex and not every hot woman that wants to be an adult model actually gets to be one, they don’t all make it no matter how hot they may look that is not the only thing that counts, don’t take me wrong looking hot is very important but it is not everything, especially when it comes down to doing Live Sex Shows, that’s when your talent jumps in and Aletta Ocean has a lot of it, I’ve seen three of her shows so far and I’m putting her in my top five, she really does know how to handle the situation even in real time when it’s live!

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That would be an open invitation for everybody to go and check her out on and if you can’t right now because you’re at work or in company with other people then you can always check out the on Facebook page and while you’re at it remember that there is also a on Facebook page that just opened, however that also is being updated on a daily basis and it is full of information on all your favorite pornstars!

Aletta whats holding you babe?

What is holding her from becoming one of the most famous Live Pornstars on the Internet today? I have not yet have the opportunity to reach her, but she will be attending the adult industry show in Las Vegas in a few months time and therefore I will have the chance to talk to her and ask her why she is still not performing on the two websites that I have linked in this blog post. The reason I ask, is because she would definitely become one of the most followed adult actresses if she extended her profession to live porn as well. Up-to-date there are around thousand professional pornstars that are a part of the network and that do regularly live porn for millions of people around the world and this trend has become months ago a solid reality and most probably be most exciting thing that online porn has ever seen in its two decades of history.

aletta ocean pornstar

One would say that Live Porn Shows aren’t that exciting, you would be right when you say that, because saying it is exciting would not be giving it justice, I would use more words exhilarating, or fantastic. Regional words that I usually use, these are the words of the people that I have invited to go and check out the website, to visit it and see if it would be something that they would be interested in, needless to say no everybody signed up and now are enjoying live porn on a daily basis.


I find it absolutely incredible how the numbers in Live Webcam Porn have grown so fast in number, they have gone above every expectation, it’s a bit like planting a seed in your backyard and then going to bed, and then the morning after you find yourself a 50 foot oak tree in your backyard, that would be the exact comparison we have witnessed with this brand-new event that has occurred on the Internet and that has brought something absolutely new, absolutely exciting, and it has no competition anywhere, it is one network and that network is allowing everybody to watch it, simply because it’s fees are so low it is accessible to anyone’s budget and wallet.

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Aletta Ocean Top 10 most loved pornstars today

She is so hot that sometimes I say to myself that it is a shame that she is a porn star and that she is so into these Live Pornstars videos, as this is somebody I would like to have a my house all the time this is somebody I would like to have as my girlfriend, simply because she is gorgeous, she is smart because I have met this girl is very smart, she is talented, she is intelligent, she is gifted, and she can fuck like no other, not with me, but I mean on the life porn video that I watched this Saturday evening that she was starring in and did an absolutely incredible job, you think on a porn video she knows how to handle cock, you should see her on a live porn video, she is absolutely incredible I would give her a 10+, I’d give her 11 if it was possible!

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That however is my personal opinion, so I went along and check out some other blogs and forums that I can’t attribute on with some monthly articles, and I noticed also there that everybody is talking about her Aletta here and there, she is how perfect she is, what a great sex bomb of a woman she is etc. etc. Live Porn Videos have taken a brand-new direction, and that’s thanks to her as well because believe it or not she is at least among the top 10 in the over 1000 porn stars that work for this specific network with talking about today.

I sincerely prefer that you would go out there and check it for yourself at no cost to you, check out the archives and the shows that of being broadcasted in these days and see for yourself what amazing porn videos they have to offer. Not saying that porn videos are not good, porn videos are amazing if there well done but you cannot compare them with live Pornstars Videos in any form or way whatsoever.

When will we see Aletta Ocean doing live porn?

That’s actually a very good question I have seen many of her porn videos and now I am ready to see her in some Live Porn Videos. One would say, what is the difference? The difference is that the live porn videos are porn stars having sex right then and there while you are watching, they are getting banged live from the studios via WebCam right there on to your computer, tablet, or cell phone. You can watch them having sex with a male porn star as it were like a porn video, as it is a porn video only that it is live and not recorded.

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That’s what makes this Live Pornstars Webcams thing so trendy, so incredible, that is a massive buzz on the street about it and from what I understand the owners of the network that broadcast live porn stars on a daily basis, the sign-ups to their website, and I’m talking about members, viewers are in the tens of thousands every single day. There are close to 500 porn stars that are already performing randomly live on this network so my question will be when will we get to see my favorite porn star and I hope your favorite porn star Aletta Ocean?

So, I have sent an email over to the guys at Pornstars Live sex or whatever the company is called, I have linked it however several times in this blog post, simply so you can click on it and see what I’m talking about, and see for yourself, anyhow I have contacted them and I am waiting for reply with my question of why my favorite porn star is not listed yet among the over 490 porn stars that are already working for this network and getting their holes stuffed live on WebCam! Keep you updated on how and when they reply and hopefully it will be good news and we will soon see her getting slammed on this network live!

Hot Interacial Anal Threesome

Aletta Ocean is a super star porn star – you know, the kind that all men dream about late at night when they banging their girlfriends or wives.

Tonight Aletta Ocean decided to go all out – not only was she having a threesome, an interacial threesome, but both of them had huge thick cocks… One thick cock can be enough but two….

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And she was quick to take one of those cocks – the huge black cock – right up her ass…. And she loved every last moment of it too!

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Aletta Ocean can be such a slut some times!

Aletta Ocean Does Anal Sex

Aletta Ocean decided to dress up for her man for Halloween… All she needed really was a thick headband and a pink feather… And nothing else! Not even high heels!

It didn’t matter what Aletta Ocean was wearing… He was going to be all over fucking her every which was possible!

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Which is exactly what Aletta Ocean wanted…. She wanted his thick cock deep inside of her pussy – and deep inside of her tight ass too!

Aletta Ocean Fucks During Massage

Aletta Ocean was getting a massage, but sometimes these things get out of hand and she can’t control herself… Once her touched her ass she nearly jumped him!

She was naked and she quickly pulled out his cock and impressed him with her sexy oral skills!

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But what really pushed Aletta Ocean over the edge was when he was ramming his cock in her pussy AND playing with her huge juggs at the same time!

aletta ocean gets fondled while fucking

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